Monday, 14 June 2010

Words of love and words of leisure, words are poison darts of pleasure

"she's okay, but not as good as you" - someone said this to me a while ago about something really stupid, but it made me realise, I make all my self-judgements based on comparisons.

I think i'm not good enough, just because i'm not the same as other people who i deem to be 'better' than myself. truth is, they're no better than me, i'm no better than them. we're just different.

last night, i went through almost all the bands who are going to be at reading 2010 and listened to a couple of their songs on spotify, to judge them and decide who i want to see. it used up a couple of hours and cheered me up. i'm so excited. 73 days to go now.

i had work today. the highlight was serving a very confused, eccentric chinese lady with cataracts and a hearing aid. she amused me, and was sweet. i also served the lady with the thick russian accent who i've served twice before, and she advised me to dye my hair, as she thinks it would look better darker. maybe i will take your advice, woman. a stranger's advice can sometimes be the best you're going to get.

going to goldsmith's college open day on saturday to see where i can get to if i do well. yay.

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