Saturday, 19 June 2010

A piece of narrative and some thoughts.

I decide to take the route through the park, I like to appreciate nature on occasions. Everything smells green and dewy. The only people around are the early morning creatures: joggers and dog walkers. Two dogs gracefully bound over the field to each other, a fluffy black sheepdog and a huge toffee coloured labrador. I smile to myself, it seems a perfect metaphor for racial harmony or something of the like. The man who owns the labrador whistles impressively loudly and it turns in its tracks to lollop back to him. There are always things repressing freedom. I look like I've stepped straight out of the eighties, with my scuffed Doc Martens, jumper which is three sizes too big and black eyeliner to absolute indulgent excess. The morning air is cold and nips at my hands and face, making my nose run and my cheeks stiff. I finally reach the train station and get my book out of my bag to wait. I'm always waiting, wanting and waiting. Soon, Henry and Clare are at a rock concert, I'm the voyeur, seeing into their very minds. I love to escape into other worlds, focus on someone's life I don't know for once, forget my own problems. There are few things more exciting than strangers. In another world, I start violently when the bench I'm sitting on suddenly vibrates at a fair amount of weight which has alighted on the other end. Automatically assuming it's the friend I'm waiting for, I go to smile and greet, but it's a stranger. Already acquainted with enough strangers in my book, I rapidly look down again, shrinking into the comforting grey embrace of my jumper.

Well. that's something I wrote this morning whilst bored. it's a true story, woo.

i want to create constellations.
university can't come soon enough.
friends give me this warm feeling inside that I'm just not sure you do.
i'm confident in myself for pretty much the first time.
working hard is essential, can't let myself slip.
i'm so lucky, forgot my railcard and could have been fined for travelling without it, and no one checked my ticket.
big jumpers are the nicest thing. it's like a hug.
if all fails, i'mma be a stripper.
y'know what? i'm pretty happy.
good day.

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