Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Quelqu'un m'a dit que tu m'amais encore

time and time again, and every time it gets worse. tell me, what is it that we are all to do? because i certainly don't know. so i'm just going to stay right where i am, and take what i get, for better or worse. what happened, happened. what will happen, will happen. i can't change the past, i just have to try and stay positive and not go too crazy. can't guarantee that...



today I went out for lunch and it was nice, though i ate too much. i also bought a new sketchpad, which i was in DIRE need of, i'd started to resort to drawing on lined paper, which is seriously uncool. if i drew something amazing on lined paper i'd never forgive myself, things never come out the same the second time around. so yeah, gonna do some drawing. hopefully i can make something beautiful to pass the time.

and it's raining.
wanna be out in it
i want to runnnnnnnnn
preferably not alone


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