Monday, 7 June 2010


lol Rage describes how I feel a lot. was also a good day, and we witnessed music history! i'll sum it up:

talking carl
lots of fatty food extortionately priced
lots of pepsi max
lot of sitting/lying around
"bacon: it's just like lettuce, but meatier. but not"
crap bands
pirate band!
Simon cowell getting pwnnnned
big squishy crowds
police on horses
to cockfosters again
car, including petrol fail

all in all a good day, my summary probably missed out loads of awesome stuff but ah well. and when i got home i found a pound coin in my bra, yay, profit! lol

thank you for driving us Matt ^^

just to reiterate.. fuck you i won't do what you tell me :D

and now to fail my exams/life, wooooooooooooo, i really shouldn't get into big messes which I seem to do all the time... oh well! as is life

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