Friday, 8 January 2010

Le futur.

Why hello there.

I've been thinking an awful lot lately, maybe too much, mostly about the future and what I'm actually going to do with my life.

So.. Now until the end of college. I try really hard. I work like a madwoman. I attain good grades. THIS BETTER HAPPEN. Hopefully at the same time, I gain a lovely boyfriend who will help me achieve this.

After college, my options are: gap year and work, art foundation course at CRC, or straight to uni. At the moment, I think the art foundation course seems the most appealing, but that's subject to change. However, since I'm liking that most at the moment, I shall go with that for my life plan.

So I do the course, earn cash along the way, pass and get into a good uni, have fun at uni, during my first year I'll be a bit off the rails, before settling down and living with the love of my life. Shh, it could happen. If not, with some good friends :)

After uni.. I get an awesome job that I love, maybe an illustrator. I live in a little studio apartment at first; it's tiny but I love it. I litter the walls and the shelves with posters and mementos that just scream ME. I go to Japan to teach English as a foreign language. I'm happy happy happy. I have a pet or two.. I maybe get a kitten or a lizard. Hey, I can get both. Although I'm not rich, so maybe a kitten will suffice. Or two kittens, don't want them to be lonely. Two kittens. A dog is too much work. I travel when I can, when I have enough money. I don't have anything expensive, but I don't need it. I get a big inheritance when my grandparents pass away, which I try to save, but end up splashing out (I think this is inevitable). I get married to someone equally as lame as me during my mid to late twenties, and we're so happy. I possibly have a baby.. I have names! How lame. If it's a girl: Alice, Freya or Lydiah, and if it's a boy, I think Alfie is cute. Yeah, it sounds like a dog name, but it's so adorable!

Anyway, I'm delving too deep into this. Basically, I'm growing up too fast and I'm scared. So I'm making plans to try and give myself some kind of direction. What I DO NOT WANT is:
  • A 9-5 job which will make me want to kill myself in the end.
  • To be alone
  • To fail

So I'm hoping my life will turn out well. We'll see. Please bring me a good life, Lady Luck.

And oh.. FYI, yeah, I guess I do love you. Was there any point asking? How could I not?

Sincerely yours,