Friday, 25 June 2010

Talking in the second person.

When I refer to people in my blogs, i've noticed i tend to just use the word 'you'. it's like everyone i know is sitting in front of me, and i'm turning to each of them and ranting in their face. though occasionally i say nice things. I do sometimes.. right? meh, well probably. but yeah, i prefer anonymity, means I don't get conflict coming off me in waves, and I can pretty much say what i want about people, for better or worse. I bet some people read things I write and totally misinterpret them, assume they're about them or someone they know. please don't make false assumptions, it doesn't really matter anyway, does it? things i say are generally of little consequence.

i'm currently reading Le Morte d'Arthur, which I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. i would say, i shouldn't have judged it by its cover, but in actual fact the cover is lovely, a beautiful pre-raphaelite painting entitled, oh so fittingly, wait for it... Le Morte d'Arthur. it's not the cover as such that made me make such an assumption, more the sheer size (it's a brick of 843 pages), and also the fact that it was written in the fifteenth century. however, despite these aspects which could be regarded as flaws, the story is pretty gripping. lots of knights gallavanting around on horses and killing each other and courting fair maidens. lovely stuff.

anyway. i'm hungry and tired, so am going in search of food and relaxation. adios amigos.

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