Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ba daaaa, ba dadadadadaaaa, ba dadaaaa, badadaa da daaaa (to the Zelda theme tune)

I usually have lyrics as my blog titles. Today i have a nerdy theme, simply because i'm sitting here nerding out on my laptop, and actually enjoying an evening alone for once, huzzah. hence the nerdy song which was hard to translate to words. yaaaay!

Here's a picture I just came across which i feel epitomises nerdiness tbh:

Hehe, kinda cute, desu ne? apparently it was a marriage proposal which failed lololol. if someone proposed to me like this, however, i doubt i could refuse. mmmm nerds. and he's obviously a damn good shot, might come in handy in a fight..

I'm currently listening to metal versions of Zelda songs. HELL YESSSS.

Takeway and chocolate and lazing around and zelda music makes kat a happy bunny. for once. yay yay. I wrote a poem last night. I might put it up some time. watch this space.

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