Tuesday, 29 June 2010


A short while ago, i was sitting on the sofa trying to restrain tears, and also trying to hide this, but obviously failing, because my mother asked what was wrong, and my brother answered for me, with "maybe she's crazy".

the sad thing is,
I think it's true.

my room is in tatters, a perfect metaphor for my current mental state. everything got ripped off a small portion of my wall yesterday, so there's a wall scroll lying crumpled, a curtain hanging by a thread, and a picture I made hanging sideways. oh.. please help me straighten up again, please just let me be happy.

I actually feel guilty for being sad when I have friends that have much worse problems than myself, i feel so terrible. i'm so sorry i'm like this.

I have so much to do tonight. better get cracking. adios.


  1. You shouldn't feel bad about that :) I'm sure you'll cheer up when college dissapears for the holidays x

  2. You'd think that, wouldn't you... I feel worse lol xx