Monday, 21 June 2010


I knew it would come to me.

i don't want to be at college, didn't really enjoy this first day back. hopefully it will improve. japanese exam on thursday, i'mma wing it. ouch i burnt my tongue. how could you ever think i'd get bored with you? silly thing to say, really. mm oreos. got a ton of homework already. i'll do it later. my bad attitude returns. tomorrow should be nice. I need a hug. short sentences. I wanna go to reading now. berlin first though. got a few things to look forward to I guess.

I had so much to say earlier.. it seems to have


well here's something. i love xkcd.. here's one i just stumbled across. if i ever end up in a fantasy, rest assured that i'll burn that fucking place to the ground :)

gonna go read, bye.

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