Saturday, 29 May 2010

Charlie Brooker is a god. he makes me laugh SO much with his dry, cynical wit, I wish I could either keep him in a cage or marry him.. since i don't think i actually want the physical side of this relationship, i'm thinking the cage is sounding like a good idea.

anyway. it's a saturday, and usually I'd be at work, but i have the day off today. should be a 'yay!' moment but i'm
b o r e d d d d.

I need some entertainment, some pizazz. or pizza. ah it's been way too long since i had domino's. mmmm fat.

i want someone to call me and ask me to do something. I'm too indecisive and lazy to think of a person and activity myself. blehhh. if i don't have some excitement soon, i shall become cynical and misanthropic, like a female charlie brooker. at least then i'd have my wit to amuse me.

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