Friday, 21 May 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

today was a hot day. today was a good day.

i woke up, felt a little bit bad, but tried to stay positive. then me and jess went to town and sunbathed/revised, which was ever so loverly! she's such an awesome friend, I'm lucky to have her. she's one of only about four people that i feel i can tell everything to. much love for her for brightening up my day! and also for asking 'what's the sun?' instead of 'what's the time?', which was most amusing (had to be there).

an australasian/south african (terrible, but i can't really tell the difference) man sat next to us on a bench at one point. he wandered over and said 'excuse me girls, may i set down? my tourist's legs are killing me', we said yeah sure, i made a passing comment about the weather, then me and jess resumed our conversation. at the time it was fine, but when he left i just thought, ah crap. should have talked to him. we could have brightened up his day, given him some cambridge culture, but no, we were selfish and stayed in our own little bubble. i wish i thought of things more at the TIME rather than afterwards. i always do that.

I had to babysit my little brother today. at first, i suddenly got into one of my horrible depressive moods, and thought fuck it, i'm just gonna say he can watch tv and i'll do my own thing but then i had a sudden change of heart; the broodiness i've been getting lately, might as well put it to good use, eh? consequently, i did all the laundry and put it on the line, made him dinner (didn't bother making any for me), and talked to him until he went to bed, about things i thought i was completely uninterested in, but i actually really enjoyed it. made me feel pretty good about myself, and i also now am convinced that i would make a good mother. lol, bit of a quick assumption i know, but i know i can do it.

on the same subject of my crazy hormonal self, just watched 'embarassing bodies: kids'. firstly, they had a girl on with polycystic ovaries, who had to 'struggle to come to terms with a lifelong condition'. i feel your pain, honey. secondly, there was a little girl who had to have an operation, and her mum pissed me off so much, i just wanted to steal her away. she was the most adorable little thing, i literally cried at her on the operating table. lol at me, what a dork.

work tomorrow. feel too dead. death is a reason to not go to work, riiiight? gonna watch comedy and be happy now, ciao.

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