Tuesday, 18 May 2010

These smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun

Today's been pretty monotonous, yet pleasant. i didn't see anyone at college except the people in my lessons, because i went home for my gigantic four hour free, which also comprised lunch, and watched three hours of Pride and Prejudice dvds that katherine lent me. they're pretty enjoyable, and i found that i could quote along to some of it, so maybe i'm not as screwed as i thought for my english exam. yays.

feeling pretty sleepy, pretty apathetic. again. ah well. beats being sad.

two days of college left before exams, eek! but looking forward to study leave. i really hope it's good, i have so much time without exams to just chill, need to find something to do. oh yeah, there's this illustration competition which i desperately want to win, better get my drawing hat on.

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