Thursday, 27 May 2010

Revision blog, oh em gee.

I'm firstly going to write every quote I remember from the Rossetti poems that I like... Here goes.

Maude Clare:
-Maude Clare walked "with lofty step and mien"
-"His bride was like [the/a?] village maid, Maude Clare was like a queen"
-"and what you spurn, I'll wear"
-"I'll love him til he loves me best"
-"here's my half of the golden chain you wore about your neck
that day we waded ankle deep for lillies in the beck"
-"to bless the board, to bless the marriage bed"
-"take my share of a fickle heart"
-"paltry love"

Shut Out:
-"The door was shut, I looked between
its iron bars and saw it lie
my garden, mine, beneath the sky
pied with all flowers bedewed and green"
-"a violet bed is budding near
in which a lark has made her nest
and good they are, but not the best
and dear they are, but not so dear"
-"a shadowless spirit [guards?] the gate
blank and unchanging like the grave"

A Better Resurrection:
-Heaven is referred to as "the sap of Spring"
-"my life is in the falling leaf"
-"dwindled to a husk"
-"my heart is like a stone"
-"O Jesus, quicken me"
-"O Jesus, drink of me"

-"I have not smiled much since
then, nor have not questioned much"
-"you took my heart and set it down"
-"it is not ripe"

Winter: My secret:
-"I tell my secret? no, not I"
-"you are too curious; fie!"
-"come bounding and surrounding me
come buffeting, astounding me"
-"I wear my mask for warmth"
-"froze and blows and snows"
-"nor March with its peck of dust
nor April with its rainbow crowned brief showers"
-"you shall not peck?"
-"perhaps my secret I shall tell
or you may guess"

-"plant no roses at my head,
nor shady cypress tree"

Goblin Market:
-"we must not look at goblin men"
-"come buy, come buy!"

Summer is ended:
-"To think that this was ever a rose
scentless, colourless, this!"
-"bent we cannot re-bend"

Good Friday:
-"and smite a rock"
... xD

A Birthday:
-"halcyon sea"

well that's all I can really think of... enjoy.

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