Sunday, 2 May 2010

The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress.

Just a quick entry today, as I'm currently sitting in my underwear with wet hair and have exactly 50 minutes before I said I'd meet Rachel in town.

Feeling pretty postive (OMG), started running almost every day, which is giving me a feeling of not being a lazy worthless human being. yay. hmm.. what's on my mind..

i guess just that i don't really know what to do atm. do i revise? have fun? both? i dunno what's gonna help me more, since i need to be happy during exams, or as happy as i can be, to get optimum exam taking kat to shine out.

i have half the day off work on the 15th may and the whole day off on the 29th, yay for not working! although i do quite like work atm.

oh yeah, something i was gonna put in here. recently i've realised im a total facebook perve. i stalk people soooo much. it is NOT good! i walked past Chloe Isitt the other day - I'm not even FRIENDS with her on facebook... we just have a lot of mutual friends and i somehow now feel like a know her.. freaky freaky. if she reads this... then lol, hi, you musta stalked me too.

another thing that's freaking me out. i keep thinking about you. why? why why why? wtf is up with me... never thought THIS would happen. but hm. i'll see.

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