Friday, 16 April 2010

Who you were was so beautiful.

My mum just came into my room. Here was the conversation:

Mum: are you working?
Me: no
Mum: why not?
Me: i don't want to.
Mum: are you going to get it all done?
Me: I don't know
Mum: are you going to panic on sunday?
Me: probably.

then she just sighed and walked out. i've just made the decision that i don't like capital letters whilst online. seems irrelevant. anyway. i'm a messssss. had a huge argument with my parents in front of one of my best friends today and that made me feel bad. sigh.

work tomorrow. i actually really enjoy it these days, being on sasu 2 with cool people is really quite enjoyable, even if some customers infuriate me almost to the point of tears. if i was at home it would be the same but with parents and homework, so hey.

i want the future now now now now now.

i have plans. i want THAT life. it sounds so amazing. it better happen. i've got my hopes up now.

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