Thursday, 8 April 2010


I got really angry just now and decided to work out a bit. I know I'm not fat. But I'm more fat than I would like to be. I then realised I was sitting listening to music I hate, looking at people I hate on Facebook, sitting in a messy room, with untouched revision books everywhere. I don't like this evening. I do not want to be alone.

I feel like going for a run or something. But since I haven't gone straight away, I know I won't. I doubt I'll still want to tomorrow. But hey, maybe I will. Maybe, I'll wake up at about 9am, go for a run, have a shower, and face the day feeling positive.

Everything I see at the moment looks like art. The cherry trees are blossoming, and the clouds all look so fresh and billowing. I love spring, I wish I could paint everything, all in one picture. It would be so beautiful.

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