Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Don't wanna reach for me, do you?

Had my art exam today. went pretty well, was pleased with the painting i churned out in just 5 hours (actually more like 4 and a half), despite feeling ill and not all that happy. and now got no more art lessons until A2 begins, so s'all good, lots more frees. double free tomorrow morning, mmm sleep.

on a more depressing note - oh THERE she goes - i'm not feeling tooooo happy. feeling a bit used, unwanted and unloved tbh. dunno if it's true, just a bit deflated from being ill so i guess i'm not in the best place to make judgements.

watched inglourious basterds (god those spelling mistakes pain me to type) yesterday, suchhh a good film. Tarantino is amazing, with his love of gratuitous violence. at one point i shouted 'DIE NAZIS' at the screen. the mark of a good film methinks.

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