Wednesday, 7 April 2010

It's day two in the Maddison house.

I ache from sleeping on the floor. But all is goooood. Oh em gee, a blog two days in a row?? Miraculous.

I can't wait for my new bedroom furniture and shoes to arrive! It'll be damn cool. Dark brown/blackish drawers and wardrobe are gonna look really good in my room I hope.

So yeah, watched the new Doctor Who today. They even changed the title screen and music and logo! AND THE DOCTOR'S CLOTHES... Wow. It's... very different. But not too bad. Although Matt Smith isn't as bad as I thought he would be, I think he tries too hard to be David Tennant, who is infinitely better by default. I hope the new series is good. Otherwise Russell T Davies will FEEL MY WRATH! Well, he won't, but... y'know. I'll be pretty peeved.

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