Monday, 23 August 2010


Konnichiwa minasan.
Kyou wa-

Okay I can't keep up the japanese. I'm bored oh so bored and also kinda sad but don't really have a reason to be. Although please stop saying mean things about me, I'm doing nothing wrong.

I want someone to travel with, someone to wake up next to, someone to cook for.

I might eat some ice cream. haha, bet that'll please you. Ah well, as long as I retain podium position of thinness I'm okay. If I get too fat I can always not eat for a few days, yay.

So bored. I don't even have enough thoughts to fill a blog anymore. Hmm.. I might be buying a tv. I had a dream with sea creatures and a plane in it where two people I know died. I went to the train station earlier to buy a ticket but forgot my railcard, fail. Tomorrow is my last counselling appointment, before I resign myself to being depressed and crazy but can't afford any help. lolzzz.


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